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4.92 / 5,00
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What does that actually mean for Shoezuu?

Fair - All shoes offered in our shop are manufactured under fair working conditions.
For Shoezuu, fairness means decent, honest and just behavior towards people, animals and the environment. The products offered at are always manufactured under fair working conditions. Most of the shoes are made in Portugal, Spain and England. In the area of ​​shoe production, these countries are not considered to be low-wage countries like the south-east European countries, which are repeatedly mentioned in connection with dumping wages. Shoes and textiles that come from Asia always have fair certification from an independent organization. A fair treatment of all people who have to do with the work processes of Shoezuu is of course equally part of it, regardless of whether they are customers, parcel deliverers, etc.

Vegan - We only sell vegan shoes.
For us, vegan means that of course all products are without animal ingredients, but also that all things used in the company are as vegan as possible. For example, we use paper tape with natural rubber as an adhesive for packing the parcels. We do not sell products from companies that profit from the exploitation of people. At Shoezuu there are no brands that belong to large corporations.

Eco - Our shoes are more ecological than comparable ones from conventional retail.
For Shoezuu, eco, or ecological, means that the products offered are always more ecological than comparable products from conventional retailers. We therefore have a lot of shoes made from recycled materials, cork, cotton and hemp fabric. For sturdy winter shoes and sturdy boots, we use microfibers, which are petroleum-based, but last an extremely long time. 1 pair of shoes made of microfiber synthetic leather lasts longer than 3-4 pairs of fabric shoes. In addition, the microfiber material used for our own shoe brand is Oeko-Text-Standart 100 certified and produced in a CO2-neutral manner. For printed textiles such as shirts, we use certified organic cotton (for some new products we also use recycled materials). In the Shoezuu Office we only use green electricity, our copy paper is recycled and certified several times (Blue Angel & Eco-Label). The Shoezuu delivery van has a Euro 6 standard engine and uses AdBlue. We send parcels climate-neutrally with DHL GOGREEN and so on.